Franchise Opportunity – Backstory:

Autoblast is now offering Franchise Opportunities. In the early 2000’s AUTObLAST founder Dave Kirkham saw the need for a specialist rust removal and coating service in New Zealand, after attending to an endless line up of rusty UK and Japanese imports.  Working in vehicle import certification, he saw first hand the damage that rust could cause to the underbody of well made vehicles which would see them prematurely retired, well before their used-by date.

In 2004, Dave stepped out and established a new automotive service, specialising in underbody rust treatment, to reinforce new car underbodies, and build the resistance required against NZ coastline elements.

New Zealand is an island nation where 80% of the population live, work and play within high corrosion zones, causing premature rust on vehicles due to sea spray, salt water and salt laden air.

Over the past 16 years Dave and his AUTObLAST team have created custom systems to repair damaged chassis/subframes and developed processes proven to significantly increase underbody rust resistance and keep vehicles looking brand new for longer.

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In 2020 Autoblast became a member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand and is now in a position to offer you an opportunity to join their success story as a franchisee.

Rustproof and protected car from Autoblast franchise

The franchise opportunity   

As demand continues to grow, and enquires come in from around New Zealand and further afield, AUTObLAST has bottled its vast expertise, systems and processes so that more kiwis can access this service and receive these benefits:

  • Removal of rust and application of various underbody recoating systems
  • Ensure ongoing compliance
  • Enjoy coastal recreation activities without risk of premature damage to their vehicle
  • Keep new vehicles perfect for longer
  • Ensure long term protection against underbody rust
  • Achieve a higher resale value for vehicles with the AUTObLAST stamp of protection
  • Keep drivers and their companions safe

Rust Removal - Sand Blasting at autoblast franchise

What does the work involve?

As a franchisee, their role is to be the face of AUTObLAST to customers and the wider territory they are allocated.   They provide excellent customer service and expertise that you cannot get anywhere else.

Day to day the work involves inspecting vehicles and providing costs and closing new business, then leading a team working on the vehicles to get them repaired and/or protected.

Who would suit being an AUTObLAST Franchisee?

There are key attributes we are seeking in someone who is considering taking on an AUTObLAST franchise:

  1. Someone who truly cares about the customer, and enjoys providing an amazing experience.
  2. Someone who might regard themselves as a “lifelong petrolhead” or someone who has an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics.
  3. Preferable but not essential – Engineering – an understanding of vehicle construction and/or metals and machinery.
  4. Preferable but not essential – Management/leadership experience.
  5. Preferable but not essential  – Personal or professional experience dealing with problems from rust impacting on vehicles, possibly as a mechanic or panel beater.

All applicants participate in a screening process to ensure they are set up for success, after an initial interview and informal discussion.    Critically, we are seeking partners who want to work in the business, rather than seeking to simply make an investment.

Rustproofing underside of car - autoblast franchising

Is franchising for me?

Autoblast is a proud memeber of the Franchiase Association of New Zealand (FANZ). As an initial part of the franchisee application process, it will be mandatory to complete the FANZ Pre Entry to Franchising Course, and supply a certificate of completion.   This course is free and we recommend that you complete it as soon as possible if you are interested in exploring an AUTObLAST franchise opportunity.

If you are not sure, we would encourage you to seek advice from an independent source.

What does the franchise come with?

We have invested heavily working with franchising experts to develop and document robust and thorough service processes, health and safety systems, sales and customer service, marketing, operations manuals and business systems to ensure everything is set up for success.

We have a set programme to help develop a site and establish a franchise location, and the supplier relationships required to provide the necessary ongoing material needs.

Man rustproofing white car


Full training will be provided in all aspects of the business, and will aim to build on your prior experience and automotive expertise to get you operational as swiftly as possible.

Ongoing support and coaching will be provided, as well as nationwide digital marketing campaigns, local area marketing templates with relevant up to date video assets, magazine and your web presence all managed for you.

Existing Franchises are available in the following areas:

Based on our research and feasibility studies, we are making franchises available initially in these areas of NZ:

  • Auckland West
  • Auckland South
  • Auckland East
  • Christchurch North
  • Christchurch South
  • Hamilton
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington

How much does it cost to set up an AUTObLAST franchise?

All the details including establishment costs are provided upon application.

To kick the conversation off, please contact Dave Kirkham, Founder and Director of Autoblast New Zealand Limited to learn more.

You can arrange a time to visit our Auckland headquarters and come and check things out in person.

Phone: (09) 443 6574

Or fill in our Contact Form and we’ll send you an email with more information.

white undercar newly sandblasted

What’s next?

When you’re ready,  make contact with us, we’ll supply you with some initial information and an application form to complete.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Autoblast is proud to have achieved FANZ certification