Abrasive Media Blasting

Garnet Grade

A variety of garnet grades are used to blast metal. The media blasting process removes all rust and paint residues, etching the surface of the metal to provide what is called “clean white metal”.

Media Blasting – Best surface for painting

There is no better way of preparing metal for painting. The blasted surface is free from all impurities and has the exact profile specified by most painting systems. Epoxy paint systems work best with a certain level of mechanical adhesion on top of their chemical etch.


The media blasting process can be applied to most industrial and automotive metals. At Autoblast we can handle anything from vehicle chassis’ to mag wheels and parts, through to heavy machinery and structural steel. Warping? The common concern with abrasive blasting is that the process will warp delicate panels. A high skill level and a specialized technique are required to mitigate this.

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