ARC-METAL SPRAY – Galvanising for life

Zinc Aluminum Arc-Spray Galvanizing

This breakthrough technology sprays a fine coating of molten zinc alloy onto the prepared surface or substrate. The same process has been used on drilling platforms which face the harsh conditions of the ocean every day and only require insprecion after 20 years! No drying or curing time, and no risk of damage to the component means the perfect metalised surface for a high quality epoxy paint system to bond to.

How does it work?

A pair of metallic wires (zinc, or zinc alloy) are melted together by electric current, causing the metal to arc. A jet of compressed air through the molten metal sprays a fine atomised metal coating over the prepared surface which solidifies instantly. The result is a dense, shield-like cover with an extremely high degree of bond strength. At a coating thickness of 75 microns, it has a length of protection three times longer than normal hot dip galvanising.

Sacrificial metal coating

Offering up to 65 year’s protection, this process is a highly effective and proven method of galvanic corrosion prevention for iron and steel. After treatment, if the surface receives a hard knock or scrape, the rust-proof Zinc/Aluninium metal coating is so strongly attached to the steel underneath that it weathers the elements before the steel does.

Do it once. Do it right.

Give yourself the ultimate peace of mind.