CAVITY WAXING – Long-term Protection

Ultimate rustproofing

To further increase the lifespan of your car, this treatment coats the inside of all accessible chassis rails and box sections with a purpose-made waxy rust-killer imported from Germany. It’s designed to protect hollow cavities in vehicles from corrosion. Also known as ‘rust-proofing’, cavity wax is generally applied to the vehicle underbody, and is an optional treatment after epoxy coating. Applied as a thin spray, the product will get almost anywhere, and has excellent adhesion to metal.

German Rust-killer

German-made, Car System KS-200 has a wax-like consistency that leaves an elastic film on the surface once the solvents have evaporated. KS-200 will provide reliable rust protection for several years and has a long-term protection on surfaces – excellent for vehicles that come into contact with corrosive liquids such as salt water.

Getting frisky in the salt air?

Make sure you’ve got protection.