AutoLAST – Rustproofing System

Rustproofing your new car or campervan is extremely important for long term protection against New Zealand’s, corrosive environments.

If you live by the sea, park your car, SUV, 4×4 or mobile home outside, launch your boat, or take your car to the mountain then Autoblast’s AutoLAST rustproofing system is what you need. The AutoLAST rustproofing system completely seals and protects your cars body and chassis extending your vehicle life. Preventing rust is the cheapest and most effective solution for your car. Check out our article featured on Stuff  explaining how the NZ climate is quick to rust new cars.

Even brand new vehicles can have rust. Often in a new vehicle rust appears first in the chassis and subframes.  Because it has been on wharves and ships in highly corrosive conditions during transport, new vehicle corrosion is worth protecting against.

Protecting your new car from rust costs less than you think and often within 24hrs its finished. Get your free quote now.

There are 3 stages of Rustproofing, Rust Killing, Chassis Undersealing and Cavitywax/Rustproofing

Step 1


Underbody Rust Removal

Neutralising the Rust

The first step in Rustproofing it to ensure all existing rust is neutralised and stabilized to stop it spreading. We use an epoxy rust converter to kill and stabilize/neutralise any existing rusty areas so they can be over-coated. We then complete two more applications of this epoxy rust converter.  This serves as a thick primer sealant, stopping the spread of rust and allowing us to start work on the rustproofing system.

Step 2


Chassis Underseal Repair

Sealing the Chassis rail with Dinitrol

Undersealing the rust repairs is very important and using a self-healing underseal helps prevent against delamination or chipping when hit by flying stones.  Autoblast uses a recognised world-class rust proofing product from Dinitrol to seal the spot rust repairs on the chassis, inner guard areas and body seams. This is a proven robust, self-healing underseal with good abrasion resistance. It is black in colour and very suitable for extremely corrosive conditions and high-wear areas, such as the inner guards and the external, underneath surfaces of the chassis exposed to gravel impacts.

Step 3


automotive rust proofing

Water-Repellent Protective Film

It’s time to give your vehicle a final strong waxy, water-repellent protective film.  This consists of three components.  An internal rust killing rust proofing wax (Cavity Wax), an external thixotropic rust proofing wax and a high-temperature wax in key areas around the engine bay. The solvent evaporates, leaving a clear, hard wax, water-repellent protective film providing excellent rust protection.

Stopping the salt in the air or water attaching itself to the metal means that the rusting process isn’t about to set in on your car.  Depending on the conditions, the adhesion actually improves with time and vibration. This will greatly improve your vehicles life.

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We can rustproof most cars in as little as 24 hours’ time. Call us now for a booking.